Psalm 23 Redidivus

You are my Shepherd; I am without lack.
You place me in abundance;
You refresh me in Life-water;
You renew my  whole being;
You guide me down paths
leading straightway to my good end,
as surely as your Name is trustworthy!

When my days are dark,
for whatever reason,
there is no cause for fear,
for you are with me,
and I with you.
Resting securely between your strength and compassion
there is perfect peace.

I am, in fact, sitting at a grand feast,
which You have prepared for me . . . me!
Even with my enemies here
I am danger-free.
Anointed with your oil of kindness,
my cup remains brim full
sip after sip after sip.

What can this all mean,
except that for the rest of my life
goodness and mercy
will hound me,
abound to me
chief of sinners,
yet your beloved son!

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

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