I am Larry Burtoft and this is my blog. I am a follower of Jesus Christ who is attempting to “Carpe diem coram Deo” – to live each day before God with authenticity, wisdom, humility, joy and compassion. This is the place where I will post occasional musings on matters of fundamental importance to all of us – things theological, ethical, political, cultural, relational. I hope that here you will find thoughts worthy of your time and consideration. I welcome your responses, insights, critiques, wisdom and humorous asides. Hopefully this will be a place where we can journey together toward more clarity and understanding about what matters most. Thanks for visiting. Do come again.

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  1. Gratefulness surges through me as I am on the edge of tears only known to me when prompted by the Spirit.

    Thank you for your new book “Life without lack”.

    As I picked it up and saw your name it took me back to FOTF nearly 19 years ago and the transformational experience I had there as exposed to the work of Dallas Willard through Divine Consipiracy and your genuine love of living in the Kingdom. I experienced at that time of my life what I refer to as a kingdom friendship with you. It’s been years but if we had a moment for a coffee or a cool beer I’m sure the conversation would flow with understanding and joy.

    Thank you for your life and the faithfulness that you live step by step with our savior.

    …I could write for hours…and share but I’m at. A Starbucks this morning and need to scoot back home to take my crew to church (7 kids!)

    This is Ryan Hosley … spring class of 2000 at FOTF Institute.
    Bless you Larry

    • Hello, Ryan. Good to hear from you and grateful for the positive impact of your time at FOTF and your exposure to DW. I think that you will find Life Without Lack to be a rich read. I looked up your company website and see that you’re in Oregon. My wife and I took a car trip down the Oregon coast earlier this year. God-drenched land and sea to be sure. Looks like we came close to you as we started out visiting some friends in Battleground, WA.

      If you’re ever back in Colorado Springs, we should do that beer thing you mentioned. 😇 Blessings on you and that crew of yours. (And I thought my middle son who has five was prodigious!) – Larry

  2. Larry, you are costing me a fortune!!
    I have bought so many copies of “Life without Lack” to give to away to friends and enemies!

    Thank you so much. Tremendous job

    • Dave – First, I apologize for the extreme tardiness of this reply. As you could tell by looking at my blog, I don’t go to it nearly often enough. So sorry. But thank you ever so much for the kind words; Dallas’ teaching on the 23 Psalm is superb, and it was a privilege to be able to get it to a wider audience. So thankful that you have found it so shareable! Blessings – Larry

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